Welcome to The Moms PG

A Home Away From Your Home

A place like home is necessary for everyone. But there isn't much of an option between crowded hostels and PGs, is there? This is the reason we established Moms PG, a location built by those who have been in your position. Inspired by you and understand you. That's basically our story.

We have gone a long way since the days of the four residences, and today there are an astonishing 1200+ residences in our Best PG in Gurgaon. We assure you that we will soon be ready to welcome you into many more residences.

Moreover, we provide amenities such as a bed, laundry, food, parking, a gym, and so on. Hence, our PG is great for corporates or students who want to focus on their education or employment, as they don't have time to manage their responsibilities. We offer food services as well as cleaning, air conditioning, refrigeration, and induction appliance.

People live here as if they are a family. This is what comes in handy in an emergency. However, we live in a residential society. Therefore, safety is not a problem. Paying attention to each of the characteristics given above will undoubtedly assist you in selecting your ideal option to capitalize on!


We thanks for all our awesome clients! There are thousands of our happy customers!
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